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China Thermoforming Machine

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The DCTF-T series thermoforming guarantees high system performance in terms of production speed, management, saving and the best hygiene conditions for food packaging production. This series thermoforming the advantage of high yield, reliability, suitable for mass production. Integrated new concept and future trend technology control system to ensure production efficiency and stability.
Application: Suitable for forming PP, PS, PET, PLC, PVC sheet that can produce all kind of plastic products, such as drinking cups, milk cups, water cups.
General Specifications
Max.tool size with pneumatic clamp frame530x300mm685x320mm780x500mm
Max forming depth150mm180mm200mm
Max sheet width580mm735mm850mm
Sheet thickness range0.3-2.0mm0.3-2.5mm0.4-2.5mm
Clamping force250KN350KN750KN
Max no-load speed45cycles/min45cycles/min40cycles/min
Upper/lower heating power50/45kw70/60kw80/70kw
Air pressure7-8.5bar7-8.5bar7-8.5bar
Total installed power120kw160kw200kw
Machine dimension10X3.5X3.512X4X3.513X4.5X3.8
Machine weight8500Kg12000kg15000kg
Machine Features
-Driven by cam more durable and faster after optimize design.
-Forming with 7bar pressure,cutting in mould.
-Automatic counting and stacking for more sanitary and save labor.
-Plug and feeding driven by servo motor.
-Maximum speed 45 cycles per minuters.
-Mould with rapid change device,easy maintenance.
Machine Details
Thermoforming Unit
— PLC Design with easy operation
— Forming Column: 4 PCS
— Forming Valve: 2 PCS
— Servo motor for plug assist and sheet feeding system.
— Rapid mould changing device.
— Machine can share with Illig Mould.
Heating Oven
(Upper/ Lower Ceramic infrared)
— PID type temperate control
— The heater temperature for each unit and zone adjusted on Touch Screen
— Oven automatic out when machine accidentally stop.
Forming Mold
— Cup Height<150mm
— In-mould cutting
— Rapid mould changing device.
— Mould automatic memory system.
— High accuracy and high yield products
Tilting & Stacking Mould
— PLC Control
— Pick-up stacking system for more sanitary and save labor
— Automaticlly stacking and counting cup for more sanitary and save labor
— Operator can set the cup quantity
Cup Conveying Unit
— PLC Control
— Automatically lifting up and down
— Automatically transportation
Why Choose your company?
-Most of our team members have been in this industry for many years and some of them worked in Europe company. We have combined European technical expertise and process knowledge.
-We build up a highly qualified and experienced technical team, engaged in continuously developing new process improvements and tailor-made solutions responding the specific and changing requirements of each Customer.
How can you guarantee the quality of the your machine?
-Quality Assurance will adult vendors regularly and objectively verify product quality to ensure customer satisfaction. All of these endeavors result in high quality products and services. Every employee action has implications that reflect the actual and perceived quality of Darcy. Every employee is responsible for the quality.
-Manufacturing will ensure that finished products are of high quality and that goods manufactured meet product specifications.
-Wet test Run & Shipping Process support will prove conformity to agreed performance during Wet test prior to delivery. All equipment fully wet tested prior to shipment to reduce customer risk.
How long is your quality guarantee period?
— All of our products have at least one year quality assurance, if there is any broken parts within the guarantee period , we will ship spare parts free of charge within 24 hours. After guarantee period, we only charge basic material cost.
-After sales support will provide courteous, prompt, and accurate resolution of customer problems. Large team of skilled process engineers for process commissioning and start up.
Can we visit your customers and check the machine working in the factory?
-Of course, we will take you to visit our customer factory and you can check the machine working by yourself.
What else can we get except for the machine?
— We are supplying the solution for your needs, not only supplying the machine, we also supply the process technology including from raw materials, process technology, mold, etc.. We have a lot of resource and relationship in this industry, we will supply full support to you.
We can we do because we don’t have enough knowledge to operate your machine, we are new to this industry?
-Don’t worry. As what we mentioned as above, you can also send your engineer to our factory and we will train your staff in our factory.
-Once the machine arrived in your factory, we will send our engineer to your factory for commissioning and training to make sure your engineer is able to operate the machine by himself.
Can I visit your factory?
-You are welcome to visit our factory anytime. We can pick you up from the ai

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